• Kapuziner bier band® Prima uscita! 18/03/2009
  • KapuzinerBierBand®  Ludwig's Garten Brescia
How long have Kapuzinerbierband® been playing togheter?
KapuzinerBierBand® was born between the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 on the initiative of Stefano Piovani.
The first rehearsal was on January 2009, while the first performance was at Ludwig's Garten in Brescia city on March 18, 2009, invited by the then Director in charge Dr. Sebastiano Bozzolini.
Here are two photos from that evening, each time seeing them again is a particular emotion. ^_^ March 18, 2009

WHY THE NAME "KapuzinerBierBand" ?
The "Kapuziner" are the Capuchin Friars who, among the many daily activities, brew excellent beer according to the REINHEITSGEBOT or the German purity law, a decree on the purity of beer and on the regulations for manufacturing it, issued by Duke William IV of Bavaria in 1516.
Just as the Kapuziner are ambassadors of the centuries-old tradition linked to the edict of the purity of Beer, in the same way Stefano Piovani has chosen purity in the artistic proposal without bases and sequences, only live music, only songs played at the Oktoberfest, both traditional, cover and originals.

For completeness of information, we inform you that there is not and never has been any link and/or relationship of any kind with the well-known Weißbier Brand of a German group.
  • KapuzinerBierBand® Amos Platz Crema (CR)  9/9/2009
Why KapuzinerBierBand® plays the oktoberfest music in Italy?
Since 1810 the German people have been teaching the tradition, the most famous Kermesse in the world: the Oktoberfest.
It lives again not only in music but also in films, in art and in general in all cultural expressions in the world.
KapuzinerBierBand® wants to revive the entertainment musical tradition linked to popular music also in Italy, also collecting the legacy of Italian popular music by definition, the smooth, common denominator between the German and Italian tradition: Walzer, Polka, Mazurka, March , Galopp (fast polka) are the common root of the tradition to be kept alive, an asset of inestimable value.

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